Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Candle Cake

Good Morning
Only 3 days left now until Christmas!
No doubt your Christmas cakes and mince pies are all made!
Today we have a beautiful Candle cake created by Catherine to share with you.
She has used products from the Cake2Craft website.
Candle cakes are a great centre piece for any table, it can have a real tea light candle or a battery operated candle.

You will need a cylinder tin to make this cake, I used a coffee pot but a baked bean can would also work if you wanted a smaller cake.
Before covering the cake measure around it and add 2cm, also measure the height. This will be the size you need to cut your marzipan, to wrap around the cake. The top can be covered by cutting a circle the same size or as close to the diameter of the top.

Brush the cake with apricot jam that has been warmed to make it easier to brush on, once this is done wrap the marzipan around the cake trimming any excess off  and place the circle on top. Leave the marzipan to dry for around a day as it is oily, then brush on more warmed jam.

Measure around the cake again as it will now be slightly larger and again add 2 cm, use these measurements to cut your coloured fondant; then again wrapping around the cake and trimming any excess.
You will need to cut another circle of marzipan or icing almost the same depth as your candle, find the centre and cut a circle the same diameter of the candle also.
Place this on top of the cake then roll out some white fondant icing, you will need to cut the fondant to look like a splatter before cutting a hole in the centre. Brush with a little water and place over the top of the cake, aligning the two small circles.
To finish the cake add your candle into the hole you mad in the raised marzipan and the fondant icing, with left over coloured and white icing roll multi sized balls and arrange them around the base of the cake.
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We at Cake2Craft wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Snowflake Cake

Good Morning All
Today we are sharing a beautiful snowflake cake created by Catherine.
She has used products from the Cake2Craft website.
To make this simple Christmas cake you will first need to cut 3-4 different sized snowflakes from fondant, these will need to dry for a few hours. Cut more than you need in case of breakages, you will need around 10 of the largest size and 15 of the other sizes.
Once they have dried a little stack them rotating each snowflake a little each time, stacking them to reach the desired height. You will also need to make 2 smaller trees to go either side of the large tree, I made mine around half the size.

After the trees are made you will need to cover your cake. To do this you will need to brush the cake with apricot jam, warm the jam to make it easier to brush on.

You will need to cover with marzipan before you cover with either fondant icing or royal icing, doing this will stop the fondant becoming discoloured.

Leave the marzipan to dry for around a day before covering in icing as it is oily. After it has had time to dry brush with apricot jam again and cover with icing.

To secure the snowflake trees, mix a paste with a tablespoon of icing sugar and a few drops of water. Find where you would like to centre the largest tree and add some of your paste, the cake will sit on this. Once this tree is in place you can add more of the paste for the smaller trees and place them on the cake.

Finish with some ribbon around the base of the cake.
Doesn't this look scrumptious?
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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Snowman Cupcakes

Good Morning All
First of December and not long now until Christmas Day.
How is your Christmas preparation going?
Today we are sharing with you Cat's Snowmen Cupcakes. Even if we don't get snow we can make some tasty snowmen this winter without getting chilly!
She has used products which can be purchased from Cake2Craft.
To start you will need to make cupcakes I used Madame LouLou's cupcake mix, you should only get 12 out of this but if you use a fairy cake case you will get about 18. This makes the perfect size for little ones too, not too much and the right size for their hands.

You will also need white, black/grey and a colour of your choice for hats, I used red but you could use any colour or even an assortment.

Firstly you will need to roll the white and cut circles a little larger than the cupcakes themselves, after brushing the cakes with some jam (heat in the micro to "melt" it first) place a white circle on each of them.
You will then need a circle cutter slightly smaller or if you only have one, the same size will be fine too I just thought it looked a little better this way. Cut half as many circles as you have cakes and them cut them in half, after they are halved score or mark the cut line. I used my fondant tools, it looks like an oyster shell so gives a nice effect, but you could also use a knife to lightly score.

With all the left over coloured icing make a ball and make lots of little holes to make it look like a pom pom, brush the semi circle with a tiny bit of jam not too close to the edge as you don't want it to leak out, this will be the hat for your snowman.
After the pom pom has a small amount of jam you can then place that on the hat.

For the eyes and mouth you will need lots of tiny balls of black fondant, squash each one they don't have to be perfect as they are supposed to look like stones, although the eyes will need to be bigger than the mouth stones. These just stick to the fondant if you brush it very lightly with a water.
The nose was made with orange writing pens from Cake2Craft I used the long piping tip that screws onto the end of the tube.
You now have a snowman to enjoy in the warm, with no need for a woolly hat of your own.
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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Good Morning All
Christmas is not far away now and Catherine has created some beautiful cakes which the children will love.
Products she has used are from the Cake2Craft website.
First you need to make your chocolate fondant for these cakes and to do this I melted 150g of dark chocolate in the micro  (be careful not to burn it if you use this method) and 75ml of golden syrup (agave nectar would work too) was also heated for around the same time as the chocolate. I then combined the two for around 7 minutes by hand but if you have an electric mixer it shouldn't take too long and I would recommend the dough hook for this.

Once mixed to as thick as I could get it I placed it in the fridge while I baked the cakes. So it wasn't warm from all the mixing and easier to handle for the next stage
Using Madame Loulou's packaging for cupcakes, I got more than 12 from the mix as I used fairy cake cases, which are the ideal size for little ones but you can use larger if you'd prefer.

Once the cakes had cooled I mixed the chocolate mixture with some white fondant, it looked really terrible but I carried on kneading it together until it was smooth. I then rolled it out and cut circles with a cutter a smidge larger than my cake, this was then placed on top of the cake.

I added half a glace cherry for his big red nose, you could also use a red sweet but I prefer Cherries. I used my fondant tools to mark the mouth but you could also use writing gels, I use the cake2craft ones. I then made 2 white and 2 smaller chocolate balls and squashed them for the eyes, placing the brown on top of the white.

The antlers are cut up curly wurly to make them stay you will need to madke a small hole in the cake otherwise they will fall over and leave a mess where they should be.
I am sure the children will love these at Christmas!
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Friday, 30 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

Good Morning All
Well the end of October is here and that means Halloween!
Cat and her children love this time of year and they have had a brain making competition!
Here is Cat's narrative about what they got up too! 
As a family we love Halloween and try to make it as fun and where possible as tasty as we can. So we decided to make brain pops, and have a bit of friendly competition to get all of us involved.
To start you will need to make your favourite cake, I would recommend the vanilla or almond from Madame Lou Lou's,  to this you will need to add some red food colouring. Then you will need to make a some jelly but slightly more water has to be added so it doesn't fully set.
Once the cake is baked and cooled, brake it up into crumbs. The children loved this part, once that was done we mixed in 3 tablespoons of strawberry buttercream  (you can use any flavour you want).
The mix was then ready to be made into brain shapes (slight ovals), we then popped them in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm them up a little.

When we took them out of the freezer we put sticks in them, this made it easier to dip the brains in the raspberry jelly.

You will need to dip them and leave them to set for around 10 minutes before returning dipping them in the jelly.

You can then remove the sticks and leave them for around an hour or so in the fridge to set.
This is where it got really fun and sticky.

With the Writing Gel
, Icing Tubes and Sparkle Gels.
Normally it is just me and the girls who get involved with Thomas our chief taster, but this time we managed to get Steve involved too which added to the fun. He's never done anything like this before but managed to use the products without any problems.
For effort we let him win the competition!

Have a fantastically spooky Halloween and please show us your creations.
Many thanks for visiting and Happy Halloween Weekend to you All!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Almond and Apricot Upside Down Cake

Good Morning All
Today we are sharing a cake that our Catherine has made.
She has used products from our Cake2Craft website.
Have you checked out the website yet?
What are your thoughts?
Products used:
Madame LouLou's Almond Cake Mix
Butter (softened)
Lemon juice (1 tbsp)
Apricot jam (approx half a jar)
You will also need a mixing bowl, spoon and 6" lined cake pan.
To start mix the jam and lemon juice together and pour into the base of the lined pan.

Once you have made the mix according to the instructions on the packet, you will need to pour it onto the Apricot mix and bake in the oven for approx 65 minutes on 150 adjust for fan assisted and gas.
If like me you get a domed top cake and not wanting to slice the bottom, get a side dish (around 6") and while the cake is still hot and in the pan press very gently and gradually flatten the cake.
After a few minutes it will start to be flat enough.

After about 10-15 minutes cooling time the cake is ready to "tip out".
If you have any toasted almonds you can sprinkle them on top, I would have but was too impatient and ate mine before the cake had cooked.

This sure looks delicious!
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Little Pony

Good Morning All
How many of you remember My Little Pony?
It was very popular when my boys were young with toys and even a TV programme.
Today we are sharing Cat's My Little Pony she made for two birthday girls.Cat has followed a tutorial to make the ponies and for her first go she's done amazing..... 
 Visit Cake2Craft website for all your cake crafting requirements.

I started by mixing yellow gumpaste and white fondant until I reached the desired colour, the fondant makes it more pliable to shape.
I then followed this tutorial to make the pony, although I did mine more lying down.
I had much fun having a go and the girls just loved it!

The birthday girls said it was "yummy and chewy". It definitely got the thumbs up.
I also made the rainbow out of white fondant that I had coloured,
it coloured very well with the coloured gel and air dried nicely after shaping.

Some fondants I have used have gone a little soggy after colouring and not tasted as nice.

Check out our previous posts for a great review of our fondants 

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