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Putting Cake Craft Fondant Icing to the test

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Something a little bit different today .... I was sent a few packs of the Cake Craft Fondant 
and have held off using it until now, so I could do an honest comparison for you.
You might be amazed by the results? 

I've always used Renshaws previously and have been pleasantly surprised by my results.

So I took a pack of pink Renshaw and a white Cake Craft Ready Roll Icing 
and just did some basics with the following categories.

Price - Taste - Usability - Range 

Price ..... Renshaw's retail at £1.79 for a 250g pack - Cake Craft's currently retail at £0.99 per 250g pack (discounted by 33% until June 30th)

So I think this comparison is a NO BRAINER!

Taste Test (I didn't even tell them what it was).

I gave my Husband Steve and my Neighbour's two grand kids, Mia and Sophie a couple of cubes of each and asked them "How do you think they taste and which is your favourite".

Steve "The pink one is a bit gritty and doesn't taste of anything much. The White one, is it fudge ? It tastes like marshmallows, I prefer the white one"

Mia age 3 " I like them, they are nice sweets, did you make them, the white one is a chewy one, can I have some more of the white ones, I think they are my bestest now"

Sophie age 7 " Is it icing off a cake? Have you made a cake too?  The pink one is yucky, I love the white one, its tastes like nice sweets and Flumps, yes the white one is my favourite. (Flumps are a marshmallow type sweet)

I obviously had a taste and I'm not a huge fan of icing, but I can honestly say the Cake Craft Icing won hands down, it does have a fudge like texture and tastes delicious.


As I took the icing from their packs I noticed a difference in the texture immediately. Whilst gently kneading to get it 'workable', the white Cake Craft fondant felt smoother and had more elasticity than the Renshaw's.

The pink Renshaw fondant was really sticky. Whilst Cake Craft fondant felt firmer it was definitely not sticky, this was noted even more when I began to roll out, I had to use more powder to stop the Renshaw's sticking to my silicon mat. The Cake Craft fondant was definitely easier to roll out. (I used a mix of icing sugar and cornflour very sparingly).


I cut a circle in each then lifted with a palette knife to place on a cookie to let dry, as you can see from the picture the Renshaw's was still quiet sticky and deformed as I tried to lift it, the Cake Craft held is shape and lifted very easily. I also noted the Cake Craft Icing was a smoother cut, the edges looked more presentable.


I put them to one side to dry out.

I checked after ten minutes, both had formed a 'crust', and both were still 'Chewy' on tasting but I'd say the Cake Craft fondant was a nicer texture as the Renshaws felt a little soggy/tacky underneath.

The Cake Craft hadn't shrunk at all, but the Renshaws had a little and also the finish was better on the Cake Craft cookie.
The Renshaw's had cracked a little.


Next I rolled over with a patterned pin and again cut two circles, and lifted them to one side, as you can see the stickiness of the Renshaw's made it difficult to lift again so it distorted, where as the Cake Craft kept its shape.


Again I checked them after ten minutes and as you can see in the after photos, although the pattern looked stronger on the Renshaw's at first, it had cracked a little on the pattern and the surface looks slightly rough.


The Cake Craft faired better and looks as fresh as it did when first rolled. Again note the smoother finish and edges.

Just a quick rolling test to see how thin I could get the fondants and still be able to move them from my mat.
The Cake Craft fondant rolled out extremely thin and was still usable and moveable. Also note the textures The white Cake Craft fondant stayed very smooth where as the pink Renshaw's started to crack.
I struggled to even get this thinness of Renshaws off the mat. 
So if your adding toppers to cup cakes or cookies, or cautious about your sugar intake
 you'll be surprised how far a pack of Cake Craft fondant will go I think. 

Finally In the usability section, I added a pinch of Tylo to each fondant to make modelling paste,
(Note both Cake Craft and Renshaws stock modelling paste but I thought this would be a good way to test usability)
I wrapped each ball in cling film and left it to one side for five minutes as I wanted to see how it faired in flower making.

So by hand I very quickly created two flowers from each paste, as you can see the Renshaws failed miserably. It had really dried out and it was very difficult to form the petals. It was crumbling so much that I added a little shortening to my hands to coax it.

I was actually really surprised at the Cake Craft paste, it was just as it was fresh from the packet and moulded really well! As you can see from the balls of paste on the edges of the photo the Pink Renshaw's Paste had dried out a lot.

My last comparison is the range of colours. So I visited each on-line shop for the comparisons.

Renshaw's have 33 colours in their range.

Cake Craft have 13 colours in their range.

Note from the suppliers at Cake Craft: The colour range will be growing soon. Pastels and lighter shades can be made easily by mixing a chosen shade with white or Ivory.


Well Cake Craft Fondant has definitely won in my books! I was really surprised by some of the mini tests, as I truly expected both fondants to be about equal.

It wins hands down in the taste test for me, the flexibility and workability are second to none and the cost speaks for its self.

Regarding the colour ranges comparison, I personally don't find it an issue, as I can easily mix colours if I need to, so I  don't think anyone would be put off by this.

So let me know your views .... have you tried it yet?

I'll truly be putting it through its paces next week when I use it for the first time to cover a cake! So make sure to pop back for future demos and reviews.

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  1. A fabulous comprehensive step by step of the different icing. Thanks for your thoughts and hard work
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