Thursday, 2 July 2015

Fondant Fancy ? Oh go on.... just the one

Hi Peeps

Well as I ate the last Fondant fancy on Sunday, I thought 'I wish these were bigger' then
'Oh I could make some'........
Then I realised the faff of icing them and the mess ! so I made just one..... a huge one ha ha 

Madame Loulou Almond Mix and Chocolate Mix
Madame Loulou Magic Cream - Raspberry
Cake Craft Ready Roll Icing - Pinks
Cake Craft Sugar Icing - white
6 eggs (3 for each pack)
240 ml oil (120 in each cake)
150 ml Milk for the Magic Cream

I mixed the packs to the instructions and split it between two greased pans
I would normally fully line my pans but these are brand new.

Then swirled the mixture to make a marble cake effect

I made up the Magic Cream as per instructions and used it to fill the sandwich and crumb coat the cake
I then popped it in the fridge for two hours. 

I let it sit whilst I prepared the Fondant
If you haven't tried the Fondant yet I cant recommend it enough I didn't need any powder to stop it sticking to my rolling sheet! and it doesn't crack or dry out to quick ... its amazing stuff!

I covered the cake, gently smoothed out and then criss crossed with the white icing.

I cut a couple of doilies in half and used them to 'present' the cake, I used small daubs of the white icing to stick them on.

So there you go.... Just the one Fondant Fancy ha ha 

Check further back on the blog for information regarding the mixes and fondant 
and go try some of the fondant you will love it, its so easy to work with and tastes so yummy 
Here's the shop link 

Thanks for looking


  1. looks gorgeous Kathryn xx

  2. Looks good, would have loved to see the inside marble effect, on the cut cake!! 😊. X