Tuesday, 28 July 2015

High Heeled Shoe

Good Morning
Today we have Catherine sharing with you a step by step on creating a high heeled shoe.
The products Catherine has used can be found on our Cake2Craft website.
To make this shoe you will need:-
A template (I used this one)
A rolling pin (the smaller the better)
A sharp knife
Cling film
Kitchen towel
A straw or dowel of some kind
Fondant tools or something to make stitch lines (a large sterile needle will do)
water or edible glue (for this one I used water but for the next I will use edible glue to see if it makes a difference)

First of all print and cut out the template, it is quite small so if you would like to try a larger shoe for your first attempt enlarge it by 50% before printing.

Roll out the main gumpaste colour of the shoe to the thickness you would like to work with, I did this on cling film so I didn’t need to use any icing sugar or cornflour.

You will then need to cut around the template on the relevant colour gumpaste.

You will now need to add your faux stitch around the edge of the insole of the shoe.
Also if you are lining the heel of the shoe you will need to do faux stitching on this too, I tried both ways and preferred without.
Now to cut the platform if you are choosing to make a platform shoe, personally I think I looks slightly better.
I rolled the gumpaste to the thickness I wanted the platform to be and then cut around the front of the sole template.
Now to assemble the shoe you need to brush the water or glue onto the insole of the shoe and place it onto the sole, this should be repeated with the platform if you have chosen to use one.
To shape the shoe I place it over the cling film tube to start drying, while I formed the heel.
To make the heel you will need to cut your straw or dowel to a very slightly shorter height you would like your shoe, only 5mm or so shorter as you need it for support.
Then take the main colour fondant and roll it out or press it down with your fingers to accommodate the straw.
You will now need to shape the heel to your desired style, I opted for a thick stiletto heel.

I then wet the top of the heel and placed the shoe that by this point has started to dry ontop of it.
I then added the front piece of the shoe and the ankle pieces.
Kitchen towel was then used to support the shoe so it didn’t slip.

When it is dry you can remove the kitchen towel and the shoe will be ready to use alongside your cake.
Enjoy and we would love to see your creations.
Thank you for visiting.


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