Thursday, 16 July 2015

Super Quick Focaccia Mix.

Good Morning All

Today I gave the Focaccia bread mix from Madame Loulou a go!

I was about to nip to the supermarket for a garlic bread when I remembered I had the mix in my sample pack.

Its super easy to make and really quick. Just add oil and dried yeast and tepid water.

I mixed all the ingredients together as per the instructions, It was quite sticky so next time I may use a little less water than suggested.

I turned it out onto some baking parchment shaped it into a ball and covered with cling film to let it rise... I left it for about an hour.

Whilst it was rising I sautéed some red onions and crumbled some cheese for the topping.

( I also prepared my pasta bake which we were having for dinner)

I put it directly on a round baking tray (leaving it on the parchment) then I just 'knocked it back' with my hands over the cling film until it nearly filled the tray.

I removed the film, lightly brushed with olive oil and sprinkled the onion and cheese over, with a little ground pepper and some fresh rosemary too...
I then let it rest for ten minutes and placed in the oven for 25 min's.

It tasted fabulous, had a lovely crust with a nice texture.....hubby was impressed that it wasn't a shop bought one hee hee.
I will definately get a few more of these in, great for with Italian food and looks fab on the table as a tear and share bread. Also so quick to prep!

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