Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Cheats Tiramisu Trifle

Good Morning

Today we are sharing Kathryn's Tiramisu Trifle!

Have you checked out the Cake2Craft website?
There are some fabulous cake and dessert mixes as well as other fabulous products ideal for your baking days!

Passing you over to Kathryn to explain what she has made.
Today I thought I'd show you a quick but decadent dessert using a couple of Madame Loulou packet mixes. 
It's super easy to make and so very quick and your guests will be amazed !

Madame Loulou tiramisu gelato mix
Madame Loulou chocolate mousse mix
Trifle sponges 
Cocoa powder
Milk and cream (see packet instructions)
Cup of strong black coffee (cooled) 
A good splash of brandy or sherry

Okay, first make up the coffee...... I used my Tassimo and made an Espresso..... but instant is fine ... Add your brandy and set aside to cool

Mix both of the cream mixes and pop in the fridge to cool. About 15 mins is plenty (it was hot in my kitchen, if your room is cool you could skip the chilling)

Now the fun bit ....
Choose your serving dish .... I used a large wine glass and a trifle dish to show you guys but you could use ramekins or sundae glasses or make one huge one ...

Now all you do is layer up 
Dip your sponge in the coffee lay in your dish add the choc mousse...........
Then the cream mix

then a fine sprinkle of cocoa powder

Keep going until your glass is full then a liberal dusting of cocoa to finish 
Pop in the fridge for half an hour and serve 

Ta Da ... a fab, quick and yummy dessert

Hubby ate a huge portion... He said it was delicious and very very chocolatey and preferred it to the standard tiramisu I make ! 
I hope you have a go xx

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  1. this looks so yummy Kathryn - I don't usually like tiramasu but I would love to try this!! Hugs rachel x