Thursday, 6 August 2015

Cupcakes as you haven't seen them before...

Good Morning All
Today we have a Cat sharing her "naked cupcakes"
She has used products which can be purchased from our Cake2Craft website.
Cat has used vanilla cupcakes mix in a slightly different way to the suggestion on the packet

What you will need:
Madame Lou Lou's Vanilla Cupcake mix plus the ingredients asked for,
1 tbsp of coconut powdered milk,
2.5 tbsp of lemon juice,
Butter cream of your choice
Passion fruit, to decorate.
Start by placing your cupcake mix and powdered coconut milk into a bowl, then mix in the wet ingredients.
Bake in a lined dish I used  rectangle 1in thick pan, usually used for tray bakes. 
Once the cake is baked about 17 minutes, leave to cool for around 10 minutes before placing on a cooling rack.

Once fully cooled take a round cutter and cut out your cakes, ready to be decorated, I got 12 rounds but the layers where a little thick so will try a slightly larger tray next time.
Place half of your rounds to one side and put buttercream as thick as you would like it on half I used a pallet knife but you may want to pipe them, then add some of your passion fruit and place the other half of the rounds on top.

 I used a 5 pointed star tip to pipe on top of my cupcakes but any tip would do depending on the effect you would like to achieve.  I then put the rest of my passion fruit on the top of each cupcake.
Don't these look delicious?
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