Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Little Pony

Good Morning All
How many of you remember My Little Pony?
It was very popular when my boys were young with toys and even a TV programme.
Today we are sharing Cat's My Little Pony she made for two birthday girls.Cat has followed a tutorial to make the ponies and for her first go she's done amazing..... 
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I started by mixing yellow gumpaste and white fondant until I reached the desired colour, the fondant makes it more pliable to shape.
I then followed this tutorial to make the pony, although I did mine more lying down.
I had much fun having a go and the girls just loved it!

The birthday girls said it was "yummy and chewy". It definitely got the thumbs up.
I also made the rainbow out of white fondant that I had coloured,
it coloured very well with the coloured gel and air dried nicely after shaping.

Some fondants I have used have gone a little soggy after colouring and not tasted as nice.

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