Friday, 30 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

Good Morning All
Well the end of October is here and that means Halloween!
Cat and her children love this time of year and they have had a brain making competition!
Here is Cat's narrative about what they got up too! 
As a family we love Halloween and try to make it as fun and where possible as tasty as we can. So we decided to make brain pops, and have a bit of friendly competition to get all of us involved.
To start you will need to make your favourite cake, I would recommend the vanilla or almond from Madame Lou Lou's,  to this you will need to add some red food colouring. Then you will need to make a some jelly but slightly more water has to be added so it doesn't fully set.
Once the cake is baked and cooled, brake it up into crumbs. The children loved this part, once that was done we mixed in 3 tablespoons of strawberry buttercream  (you can use any flavour you want).
The mix was then ready to be made into brain shapes (slight ovals), we then popped them in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm them up a little.

When we took them out of the freezer we put sticks in them, this made it easier to dip the brains in the raspberry jelly.

You will need to dip them and leave them to set for around 10 minutes before returning dipping them in the jelly.

You can then remove the sticks and leave them for around an hour or so in the fridge to set.
This is where it got really fun and sticky.

With the Writing Gel
, Icing Tubes and Sparkle Gels.
Normally it is just me and the girls who get involved with Thomas our chief taster, but this time we managed to get Steve involved too which added to the fun. He's never done anything like this before but managed to use the products without any problems.
For effort we let him win the competition!

Have a fantastically spooky Halloween and please show us your creations.
Many thanks for visiting and Happy Halloween Weekend to you All!

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