Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Good Morning All
Christmas is not far away now and Catherine has created some beautiful cakes which the children will love.
Products she has used are from the Cake2Craft website.
First you need to make your chocolate fondant for these cakes and to do this I melted 150g of dark chocolate in the micro  (be careful not to burn it if you use this method) and 75ml of golden syrup (agave nectar would work too) was also heated for around the same time as the chocolate. I then combined the two for around 7 minutes by hand but if you have an electric mixer it shouldn't take too long and I would recommend the dough hook for this.

Once mixed to as thick as I could get it I placed it in the fridge while I baked the cakes. So it wasn't warm from all the mixing and easier to handle for the next stage
Using Madame Loulou's packaging for cupcakes, I got more than 12 from the mix as I used fairy cake cases, which are the ideal size for little ones but you can use larger if you'd prefer.

Once the cakes had cooled I mixed the chocolate mixture with some white fondant, it looked really terrible but I carried on kneading it together until it was smooth. I then rolled it out and cut circles with a cutter a smidge larger than my cake, this was then placed on top of the cake.

I added half a glace cherry for his big red nose, you could also use a red sweet but I prefer Cherries. I used my fondant tools to mark the mouth but you could also use writing gels, I use the cake2craft ones. I then made 2 white and 2 smaller chocolate balls and squashed them for the eyes, placing the brown on top of the white.

The antlers are cut up curly wurly to make them stay you will need to madke a small hole in the cake otherwise they will fall over and leave a mess where they should be.
I am sure the children will love these at Christmas!
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