Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Candle Cake

Good Morning
Only 3 days left now until Christmas!
No doubt your Christmas cakes and mince pies are all made!
Today we have a beautiful Candle cake created by Catherine to share with you.
She has used products from the Cake2Craft website.
Candle cakes are a great centre piece for any table, it can have a real tea light candle or a battery operated candle.

You will need a cylinder tin to make this cake, I used a coffee pot but a baked bean can would also work if you wanted a smaller cake.
Before covering the cake measure around it and add 2cm, also measure the height. This will be the size you need to cut your marzipan, to wrap around the cake. The top can be covered by cutting a circle the same size or as close to the diameter of the top.

Brush the cake with apricot jam that has been warmed to make it easier to brush on, once this is done wrap the marzipan around the cake trimming any excess off  and place the circle on top. Leave the marzipan to dry for around a day as it is oily, then brush on more warmed jam.

Measure around the cake again as it will now be slightly larger and again add 2 cm, use these measurements to cut your coloured fondant; then again wrapping around the cake and trimming any excess.
You will need to cut another circle of marzipan or icing almost the same depth as your candle, find the centre and cut a circle the same diameter of the candle also.
Place this on top of the cake then roll out some white fondant icing, you will need to cut the fondant to look like a splatter before cutting a hole in the centre. Brush with a little water and place over the top of the cake, aligning the two small circles.
To finish the cake add your candle into the hole you mad in the raised marzipan and the fondant icing, with left over coloured and white icing roll multi sized balls and arrange them around the base of the cake.
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We at Cake2Craft wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. love this idea a great looking cake for a small family and if you have a large family you could just make 3 love this