Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Snowflake Cake

Good Morning All
Today we are sharing a beautiful snowflake cake created by Catherine.
She has used products from the Cake2Craft website.
To make this simple Christmas cake you will first need to cut 3-4 different sized snowflakes from fondant, these will need to dry for a few hours. Cut more than you need in case of breakages, you will need around 10 of the largest size and 15 of the other sizes.
Once they have dried a little stack them rotating each snowflake a little each time, stacking them to reach the desired height. You will also need to make 2 smaller trees to go either side of the large tree, I made mine around half the size.

After the trees are made you will need to cover your cake. To do this you will need to brush the cake with apricot jam, warm the jam to make it easier to brush on.

You will need to cover with marzipan before you cover with either fondant icing or royal icing, doing this will stop the fondant becoming discoloured.

Leave the marzipan to dry for around a day before covering in icing as it is oily. After it has had time to dry brush with apricot jam again and cover with icing.

To secure the snowflake trees, mix a paste with a tablespoon of icing sugar and a few drops of water. Find where you would like to centre the largest tree and add some of your paste, the cake will sit on this. Once this tree is in place you can add more of the paste for the smaller trees and place them on the cake.

Finish with some ribbon around the base of the cake.
Doesn't this look scrumptious?
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  1. wow - so cool - those snowflakes will look fabulous on cupcakes too xx