Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Snowman Cupcakes

Good Morning All
First of December and not long now until Christmas Day.
How is your Christmas preparation going?
Today we are sharing with you Cat's Snowmen Cupcakes. Even if we don't get snow we can make some tasty snowmen this winter without getting chilly!
She has used products which can be purchased from Cake2Craft.
To start you will need to make cupcakes I used Madame LouLou's cupcake mix, you should only get 12 out of this but if you use a fairy cake case you will get about 18. This makes the perfect size for little ones too, not too much and the right size for their hands.

You will also need white, black/grey and a colour of your choice for hats, I used red but you could use any colour or even an assortment.

Firstly you will need to roll the white and cut circles a little larger than the cupcakes themselves, after brushing the cakes with some jam (heat in the micro to "melt" it first) place a white circle on each of them.
You will then need a circle cutter slightly smaller or if you only have one, the same size will be fine too I just thought it looked a little better this way. Cut half as many circles as you have cakes and them cut them in half, after they are halved score or mark the cut line. I used my fondant tools, it looks like an oyster shell so gives a nice effect, but you could also use a knife to lightly score.

With all the left over coloured icing make a ball and make lots of little holes to make it look like a pom pom, brush the semi circle with a tiny bit of jam not too close to the edge as you don't want it to leak out, this will be the hat for your snowman.
After the pom pom has a small amount of jam you can then place that on the hat.

For the eyes and mouth you will need lots of tiny balls of black fondant, squash each one they don't have to be perfect as they are supposed to look like stones, although the eyes will need to be bigger than the mouth stones. These just stick to the fondant if you brush it very lightly with a water.
The nose was made with orange writing pens from Cake2Craft I used the long piping tip that screws onto the end of the tube.
You now have a snowman to enjoy in the warm, with no need for a woolly hat of your own.
Thank you for visiting today!